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Vavoom! Modern Day Burlesque: The Top 40 Burlesque Blogs

The art of burlesque has had a major comeback. With new school burlesque troops popping up left and right and films on the subject, there’s a lot of debate on what constitutes burlesque and whether it’s just a glam version of a stripper. True burlesque involves the art of the tease, not prancing around in a sparkly bra and ruffled underwear. While the great burlesque dancers like Gypsy Rose Lee and Sally Rand were sensual with an effortless grace, the majority of today’s burlesque shows are more overtly sexual and in-your-face. Learn about both and choose your weapon.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About New and Old Burlesque

New burlesque or old burlesque? That is the question and these articles show you the vast differences between the two.

  1. Burlesque Daily At this blog you’ll get the skinny on burlesque books, videos and web sources for learning more about the sassy way of dancing.
  2. Burlesque Baby Unfortunately, this site no longer updates, but it’s a must-read for those who want a place for burlesque beauty and dance tutorials in one concise place.
  3. The Candy Pitch For learning about burlesque queens new and old, this blog is a must-read and has amazing interviews with the headlining names in burlesque today.
  4. It’s Simply Burlesque This burlesque blog keeps you in-the-loop with conventions and tours of some of the hottest burlesque troops in the biz.
  5. Shimmy Magazine This site makes it easy to learn what burlesque troops are performing in your area and what venues they frequently appear at.
  6. LiveJournal – Burlesque Moves This site isn’t updated as often as it once was, but real burlesque dancers from around the globe upload their performances, giving you a taste of the direction burlesque is headed in modern times.
  7. School of Burlesque This woman literally wrote the book on burlesque and is eager to share information with fans as she tours the country and hosts courses in New York City.
  8. The Honey Cocoa This blog is penned by a Texan burlesque dancer, which has info on performance dates and what it’s like to be a working dancer.
  9. Dr. Sketchy Does Dallas The blog for this burlesque haunt in Dallas will make you wish your city had as lively of a burlesque scene.
  10. Ginger Valentine Blog This showgirl shares her shows, techniques and when she’s available to teach you a thing or two about her moves at this burlesque blog.
  11. Pin Curl Magazine The name says it all! This online magazine dishes on some of the big name burlesque dancers making the rounds at major hot spots throughout the U.S.
  12. The Daily Shot We love this blog because the burlesque dancer offers advice to real women contemplating the same career and has behind-the-scenes posts about her performances.
  13. April O’Peel This blog is about the life of a Vancouver-based burlesque dancer and has plenty of the grit and grind that come with being a performer for a living.
  14. Dita Von Teese Fan This site isn’t officially associated with the woman responsible for putting burlesque back on the map, but it is the best place to keep updated with news on Von Teese and see plenty of gorgeous images.
  15. Burlesque Babes Shop This site is a great resource for those looking for burlesque garb, but it also has loads of classic burlesque photos for inspiration.

Blogs and Websites for Learning About the History of Burlesque

At these blogs and websites you’ll learn about the history of burlesque and where it is today.

  1. Burlesque Hall Learn about burlesque and how it was in the days of yore. Plus, get inspiration from some of the A-list names that tour today.
  2. OSU Library – Burlesque Resources Check out this site for a list of some of the best books to explore when learning about burlesque.
  3. Musicals 101 – Burlesque Get the lowdown on the history of burlesque and profiles of some of the iconic names from the 20th century. It also gives you an idea of how burlesque shows were formatted.
  4. Burlesque History This site has a suggested reading list for those who want to learn about the history of burlesque and also has an interesting article over how the founders of this organization went about finding people who formerly worked in the burlesque.
  5. Burlesque Guide – Burlesque History This site gives an in-depth timeline of the history of burlesque and talks about the different phases the burlesque movement went through up until the 1950s.
  6. Clothesline Journal – Burlesque This site has a look at the world of burlesque through the ‘40s and ‘50s when burlesque hit its prime and slowly began to taper off thanks to pornography going mainstream.
  7. Polestars – History of Burlesque This article gives you a brief synopsis of the rise and fall of burlesque and what burlesque classes focus on today.
  8. eHow – How to Learn the History of Burlesque If you aren’t sure where to begin your burlesque research, this article gives you a few pointers on films, books and websites you should check out.
  9. Ministry of Burlesque At this site, neo-burlesque dancers talk about stars of burlesque’s hey day and how to implement classic moves and tactics to modern routines.
  10. Date Hookup – The History of Burlesque This blog has a great rundown burlesque and has numerous links to academic sites where you can learn more about the subject.
  11. Burlesque Divas – A History of Burlesque and its Costumes Get the scoop on the history of burlesque dancers on-stage outfits and how pasties and a G-string got some dancers arrested in the ‘30s and ‘40s.
  12. Wikipedia – Neo Burlesque Learn how the neo burlesque movement took off and the various burlesque scenes around the globe today.
  13. Flickr – Jo Weldon The famous Jo Weldon has an ample supply of vintage burlesque images to give you an idea of what real glamour was all about at the beginning of the 20th century.
  14. eHow – History of Burlesque Dance Costumes This eHow article gives you an idea of how costumes in burlesque evolved throughout the years and when burlesque dancers decided to take off more and more to entertain the crowds.

Videos for Learning Burlesque

From how to apply your makeup like a burlesque dancer to mastering the saucy moves that will hypnotize a crowd, these videos will teach you about the various elements that comprise the art of burlesque.

  1. Metacafe – Burlesque From beauty videos to how-to’s on stripping, this site has loads of videos tagged “burlesque” for you to learn more about the art.
  2. Burlesque Guide – Dita Von Teese See the queen of modern burlesque in action in the array of videos posted at this site.
  3. Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial From how to get those arched brows to perfecting the red lip, this video has all of the tips for getting the makeup look of the queen herself.
  4. Burlesque Makeup Tutorial This lengthy tutorial is great for those who aren’t familiar with makeup application because the gal goes into detail over what tools you need to make the look work.
  5. Madeline de la Creme – Burlesque Tutorial Get tips on how to feel the music when putting together your very own burlesque routine.
  6. Gossip Lady Learns Burlesque If you’re interested in attending a burlesque class, this video gives you a few pointers and an idea of what to expect when arrive in the studio.
  7. Burlesque Lesson This video doesn’t give you a step-by-step on the dance routine, but it’s so simple to follow that you’ll feel yourself turning into a burlesque goddess once you grab a chair and try out the moves.
  8. Kitten DeVille – The Grind See video footage of one of the big names of neo burlesque in all her feather fan glory.
  9. Kittie Klaw ‘Burlesque for Beginners’ A neo burlesque dancer gives pointers for getting started on the industry and honing your personal style when it comes to finding a theme for routines and costumes.
  10. Bettie Page 1950 Though Bettie Page wasn’t part of the vibrant burlesque movement, she did perform with a certain innocence and coyness that’s reminiscent of the vaudeville performs who perfected the craft.
  11. How to Dance Like Dita Von Teese This instructional video will get you in touch with your sensual side in no time. The directions are easy and with a little creativity, you’ll feel like you’re on stage, even if you’re just in your apartment living room.

Burlesque has seen a major comeback in recent years and appears to be a great interested for folks of all ages. Even mid-size cities can have a happening burlesque scene, so explore your own area to see if there are any hot ticket shows coming up. Even if you aren’t interested in putting on your own routine at home, getting inspired by burlesque is sure to make you appreciate glamour from a time when poise and sass mattered.