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The Average Salary With an AAS Degree

An associate of applied science, or AAS, is a great degree to consider if you want to get started working in your field as quickly as possible. Typically, it takes about two years to earn an AAS, which will prepare you for lower-level jobs in your field of choice. After earning an AAS, you can go on to get your bachelor’s degree in that major with just an additional two years of study, which some students choose to do as they are working. While you won’t earn as much with an AAS as you will with a bachelor’s degree or other advanced degree, the fact that you can start working more quickly, is definitely an advantage. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to earn by going through an AAS degree program.

Average Hourly Rate for AAS Graduates

As opposed to bachelor’s degree graduates, who are more commonly offered salaried positions, many AAS graduates take jobs that come attached to hourly rates. Rates start at around minimum wage and go up to $35 per hour, which works out to around $70,000 annually. This is a huge difference in what you can earn, with the main factor that plays a role in the bottom line being your job title. Some of the highest-paid fields for those with an AAS degree include nursing and other medical-related careers, such as becoming a dental hygienist, physical therapist, or occupational therapy specialist.

Other Factors Affecting Salary

While your specific degree and job title affect your salary the most, a number of other factors can also affect the money you’re offered. Location is a major factor, for example. Jobs in some industries are higher in demand in certain areas than others, so if you move to one of these locations, you’ll make more money. In other words, it pays to know your industry! In general, you can also earn more by moving to metropolitan areas, though keep in mind that that cost of living will be higher in these areas as well.

Perks and Benefits

Along with salary, you should also consider the benefits you’re offered as part of your job. If you aren’t a full-time employee, you may or may not be offered these perks, which include health and dental coverage, paid vacation days, and tuition reimbursement. All of these can drastically increase the overall price you’re paid for a job. Sometimes the higher salary isn’t better.

Guide to Campus and Online A.A.S. Degrees

Purdue University – Purdue University is one of the best places for higher education and online associates degrees. Kaplan invests their interest into each student, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully fulfill job responsibilities. Each degree can quickly position students for careers in fast-growing fields.
American Intercontinental University – The Associate in Arts in Business Administration Associate of Science in Criminal Justice at AIU are each 90 credit hours. These programs provide students with college-level training in business management and organization. The degree can usually be used to satisfy requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree. AIU requires the student to possess a high school diploma.
Rasmussen College – Rasmussen College has locations all over the nation, but you do not have to live by one in order to enroll in one of their accredited, online programs. Completing the program is fast and convenient, with students able to work and finish assignments from home, work, school, or even while they are traveling.
Colorado Technical University – The associate's programs at Colorado Technical University are offered across the university's curriculum. Students are able to explore degrees in the following fields: Business & Management, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, Engineering & Computer Science, Health Sciences, and Information Systems & Technology. These programs are a great stepping stone and will boost your career prospects.

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