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Stylish Tweets: 55 Must-Follow Fashion Twitter Feeds

The world of fashion has had its veil lifted thanks to social media. Fashion folks are an eccentric bunch and even those at the top love to share the daily details of their loves. Twitter has become the unofficial hub of the online fashion community and these are the names you need to follow to keep updated with all of your favorite fashion news.

Fashion Brands to Follow on Twitter

These companies tweet from the heart and have someone on the frontline at all times to answer questions and create a name for themselves in the world of social media.

    1. @dkny This PR girl shows ‘em how it’s done, creating a lively online persona for the brand and teaching us a little about how a major brand works behind-the-scenes in the process.

    2. @BCBGMAXAZRIA Get a look at sketches and fabrics before they hit the runway, plus a look at what happens backstage minutes before the show starts.

    3. @MichaelKors This mega brand tweets about the line at Macy’s, as well as the high end collection that shows at Lincoln Center each season.

    4. @VictoriaBeckham This Twitter feed goes crazy during fashion week when Posh Spice herself takes over and tweets about styling and trends for the new season.

    5. @Tracy_Reese This contemporary designer tweets regularly about fashion show preparations and the beauty trends you can expect to see in her show.

    6. @CynthiaSteffe This label’s Twitter feeds gives you a heads-up on what to look forward to with each fashion show and also talks about general fashion trends seen on celebrities.

    7. @BrianReyes This designer is all about the hot cocktail dress, but the brand also tweets about celeb sightings wearing the new (somewhat) label.

    8. @ElizandJames The contemporary brand brought to you by the Olsen twins knows how to utilize social media to reach out and touch consumers in their demographic.

    9. @MalandrinoBuzz The lovely Catherine Malandrino tweets about prepping for her fashion show and getting inspiration from everywhere she travels.

    10. LouisVuitton_US The French label tweets about their latest ventures and shows off images of their gorgeous windows and stores around the world.

    11. @Stuart_Weitzman The shoe label gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoe trends and when sale season is in full effect.

    12. @LoefflerRandall This contemporary label is one of our favorite brands to follow because they aren’t just plugging goods, but also talk about the latest fashion trends and red carpet sightings.

    13. @ViaSpiga This affordable label knows how to create a personal relationship with online consumers by providing stellar customer service via Twitter.

    14. @NicoleMillerNYC American designer Nicole Miller makes friends with consumers through this fun Twitter feed.

    15. @CalvinKlein The minimalist label tweets all about fashion shows and celebrities on the red carpet in this iconic American brand.

    16. @dvf Diane Von Furstenburg brings her brand into the 21st century with a Twitter feed that talks about the label’s history and place in fashion throughout the decades.

    17. @CoSTUMENATIONAL The Italian label gives you a peek at backstage before their show and what online retailers are stocking their latest goods.

    18. @Zac_Posen This Twitter feed chats about all of the designer’s ventures from his high end label to the new diffusion line, Z Spoke.

    19. @rag_bone This hipster brand knows a thing or two about reaching out to their demographic and regularly post their press appearances to show followers how to wear their easy-going duds.

    20. @Rebecca Minkoff The handbag-turned-ready-to-wear designer tweets about upcoming shows, events and press appearances. Plus, the brand often holds contests on their own or in conjunction with a fashion blog, so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win free stuff.

    21. @StellaMcCartney The British brand tweets from across the pond and posts images of celebs at the latest events in the label’s eco-friendly duds.

    22. @ArmaniExchange We love this Twitter feed because it’s a person tweeting who knows the power of social media. Besides the fashion 411, this feed chats about mundane things too, proving fashion isn’t all glitz and glam all of the time (just most of the time).

    23. @BadgleyMischka This Twitter feed comes from the two designers in charge of the fashion house and tweets about their high end gowns, plus the label’s diffusion brands which can be found at stores like Macy’s.

    24. @pamellaroland This American designer tweets about how the collection is developing each season and who’s involved with the styling and beauty aspect of the fashion show.

    25. @OscarPRGirl The PR gal for Oscar de la Renta rants and raves about the world of high fashion from behind-the-scenes, making her one of the most popular fashion people on Twitter.

Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

Fashion bloggers…there’s a lot of them! Some have a genuinely interesting point of view when it comes to fashion, while others simply love busting out their DSLR and posting images of themselves in oversized clothing. Here are the fashion bloggers that are worth following for keeping in the loop.

    26. @tavitulle This young blogger has taken the fashion world by storm, tweeting for Barneys on Fashion’s Night Out and participating in indie magazine editorials.

    27. @susiebubble This fashion lover isn’t afraid to take risks and will inspire you to do the same when digging through your closet.

    28. @ManRepeller We’re obsessed with this fashion blogger who takes seemingly decent clothing and turns them into a man repeller with the touch of fur and wedges.

    29. @BagSnob This snob is the one to follow for an inside look at the glamorous lifestyle of a mommy-turned-fashion-blogger. Her personality is infectious and she’s a must-follow even if you aren’t obsessed with fashion.

    30. @IFB This is the group that independent fashion bloggers who wish to (or already do) monetize their blogs belong to. This is an awesome site for keeping up with brand and industry news.

    31. @sakinasworld This fashion blogger talks about plus size fashion and beauty tips.

    32. @MTVTJ Before she was tweeting professionally for MTV, this writer was a fashion blogger with scores of fans and showed off how to style yourself trendy when you aren’t a size zero.

    33. @thetonywang This street style blogger is the man about town who photographs the trends before they hit the runway each season.

    34. @fadetoblackny This is one of the fashion blogs for eye candy and hipster fashion inspiration that will make you want to bust out your floppy hat and heavy black eyeliner.

    35. @froufrouu From across the pond, we get this lovely fashion blogger with a penchant for hats and capes.

    36. @theglamourai This jewelry designer has made a name for herself with her personal style blog where she mixes everything from Lanvin to Forever 21 and looks fabulous doing it.

    37. @garancedore This is one of the few female street style photographers out there and she’s gone on to photograph major campaigns, while capturing personality along with the fashion.

    38. @Sartorialist The man who put street style photography on the map is still kickin’ and now works with chain brands to evoke his signature simple images that speak a thousand words.

    39. @JakandJilBlog This Canadian street style blogger photographs editors and big time fashion bloggers alike at the various fashion weeks all over the globe.

    40. @sea_of_shoes This teen blogger has collaborated with Urban Outfitters and made an appearance in Vanity Fair. Her kooky style is all her own (you’ll find no overuse of leggings or off-the-shoulder oversized T’s here), putting her at the forefront of fashion for the future.

Fashion News Sources to Follow on Twitter

If you love fashion, but don’t have time to scour every magazine or read every issue of Women’s Wear Daily, these fashion Twitter feeds will deliver the news directly to you.

    41. @WhoWhatWear This Twitter feed keeps you posted on what a celebrity was wearing the last time they were dining out, shopping like mad or leaving rehab.

    42. @Lovelyish This Twitter feed is full of fashion news, fashion show reviews and plenty of celebrity fashion too.

    43. @styledotcom It’s fashion 24/7 at this site, which posts fashion show reviews and photos from industry events in New York City and Europe.

    44. @Coutorture This Twitter feed reports everything that’s going down in the world of fashion and shows you an inside look at what goes on backstage before the house lights go down.

    45. @TheGlamNetwork Here you’ll get all of the latest fashion news like who’s wearing what on the red carpet and mainstream shopping info for upcoming sales and coupon codes.

    46. @Fashiontribes Get breaking fashion news from this Twitter feed that’s constantly updated with news you need to know.

    47. USAToday_style This is like having a backstage pass to New York fashion week. Keep updated with industry news and the latest from the runway with this Twitter feed.

    48. @Fashionista_com Sometimes this site posts news before the big wigs get a hold of it and has a great mix of celebrity and high fashion coverage.

    49. @SamSaysFashion The National Women’s Fashion Examiner keeps you in the loop with industry news, red carpet hits and misses and fashion show slideshows so you can judge the latest trends for yourself.

    50. @CollegeFashion It’s mostly mainstream fashion news at this site, but there Twitter feed does a great job of creating a personal relationship with readers (and isn’t that the point?).

    51. @FashionweekNYC When the shows are in full effect, this is the one Twitter feed you need to follow and when it’s the normal fashion frenzy, they post plenty of industry news and gossip.

    52. @cutblog The snarky folks at New York magazine keep you abreast of all of the fashion news they think you need to know and poke fun at the things you don’t.

    53. @Fashism Get your celebrity and fashion fix with this site that constantly tweets the news you should know to keep up with the conversation during cocktail hour.

    54. @RealStyleNetwork Know what trends to keep and which to lose with this fashion Twitter feed.

    55. CathyHorynNYT While some fear Anna Wintour, Cathy Horyn is one writer who could care less about the uppity side of fashion. She tells it like it is every season, which has resulted in her being banned from shows, but she keeps going. Get her serious fashion tweets, which may teach you a thing or two about finding beauty in “everything” (while many writers find every collection to be amazing, Horyn isn’t afraid to say what’s hideous or impractical).

While some fear Anna Wintour, Cathy Horyn is one writer who could care less about the uppity side of fashion. She tells it like it is every season, which has resulted in her being banned from shows, but she keeps going. Get her serious fashion tweets, which may teach you a thing or two about finding beauty in Fashion loves Twitter because it’s instant and in some ways, captures the crazed enthusiasm of many fashion addicts. Following these news sources, bloggers and brands is sure to keep you posted on what you should check out each season. Even if you aren’t a fashion fanatic, these Twitter feeds open up a world of fantasy that’s almost impossible to turn away from.