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Couch Potato Boot Camp: Top 25 Workout Blogs for Beginners

Getting into the swing of working out is tough, especially if it’s your first time exercising seriously. Whether you’re looking to tone up or looking to drop the pounds, these blogs will help you get moving in the right direction. Remember to move at your own pace and while you do need to break a sweat, stretching is essential to prevent injuries. Always listen to your body when working out to prevent hurting yourself.

Top Workout Blogs for Beginners

Get ideas for different workouts that will fit your current fitness level with these workout blogs.

    1. Body Weight Coach If you know zilch about getting in shape, this is the site to check out. From learning how to eat right to learning form when lifting free weights, this blog will give you plenty of direction when it comes to shaping up.

    2. Home Workout Success Not everyone feels comfortable hitting the gym in the beginning and this blog shows you how to tone up in the privacy of your own home and still get amazing results.

    3. Nerd Fitness This blog shows you the proper exercises for burning fat or toning up (or both), plus emphasizes form and how to make the most out of a 20 minute workout.

    4. Pilates Workout Blog For those who want to go the low impact route, this blog shows you the basics of pilates and is aimed at beginners. You’ll learn how to breathe and extend your limbs so you slim down and tone up.

    5. Home Workout Blog This site shows you simple at-home exercises that can make a big difference in your waistline. Remember that you’ll have to invest in a sandbag or free weights to work out at home and get real results.

    6. Workout IQ This fitness blog delves into the science of working out. It also shows you simple workout moves you can do at home, no matter what your fitness level is.

    7. The Workout We love this fitness blog because it shows easy moves that will get anyone moving, no matter their strength or endurance level. There’s also a section aimed at getting teens in shape.

    8. Free Workouts Blog Learn how to tone and tighten with the workout tips at this blog. This site breaks down moves so they’re easy to follow and encourages you to get active little by little.

    9. Workouts for Home Learn how to strengthen and burn fat at home with this fitness blog. There are plenty of moves to learn at this site, as well as recipe ideas to keep your body on track.

    10. Melinda’s Fitness Blog This health and fitness blog is aimed at women, but lots of the advice applies to men too. Learn how to start a workout routine and get in the zone of doing it every day.

    11. Best Workout This site is all about tracking down the best at-home workouts and condensing them all in one place. This is a great blog because it shows you workouts at various fitness levels, so once you can kick it up a notch, there’s a workout ready for you.

    12. Workout Mommy Aimed at busy moms, this fitness blog shows you how to make the most of a short workout and how to stay focused on consistent workouts that will get you results.

    13. 365 Exercise This blogger works out every single day and will motivate you to do the same. You’ll see that not every workout has to be intense, but just the effort of moving will keep your goals in sight.

    14. Fitness Exercises Blog Learn how working out will improve other things such as your mental well-being and posture. This site has workouts that are easy to follow and also reviews fitness DVDs and products on the market.

    15. Better Exercise Fitness for Life Learn how to get started with a regular exercise routine, from yoga to swimming. You’ll enjoy learning about the many ways you can get active and lose weight without making it a chore.

Top Running Blogs

Get out there and go! Running is an easy, cheap way to lose weight and these blogs will show you the way.

    16. I Run For My Life This blogger is training for her fifth marathon and will motivate you to do the same. It’s half-running, half-personal life, but always a fun read.

    17. Runners World This is the online home of running, for runners of any level. For beginners, there’s extensive information over stretching, training and getting in gear for your first half-marathon or other event.

    18. Complete Running If you aren’t sure how to get started, this running blog is a must-read. It shows you how to stay motivated through the growing pains of adjusting to life as a runner.

    19. Viking Running This runner shows that even the best of us are sometimes pressed for time and can’t fit in a workout. At this blog you’ll see how to balance running and family life, which is essentials for those who become true runners and make a lifestyle change.

    20. 4 Feet Running This running couple is determined to motivate others to get running on a regular basis. Their run photos of the day will make you want to get out and explore nearby parks and trails when getting in shape.

Top Yoga Blogs

A low impact way to get in shape is to practice yoga. No matter what your current fitness level is, you’ll be able to do moderated poses that will help you tone up and work up a sweat.

    21. My Yoga Blog This avid yogi shows you how to get comfortable with poses when you’re a beginner. Her advice is great because it deals with both the mind and body portions of yoga, so you understand the intentions behind this popular workout.

    22. Linda’s Yoga Blog This yoga blogger recently closed-up shop on her awesome site, but there’s still archived posts on how to get into yoga and get into shape while toning and shaping.

    23. Yoga Journal Learn everything about the different styles of yoga, including how to breathe and work up a sweat so you’re burning fat while toning your muscles.

    24. Yoga for Beginners The name says it all! At this yoga blog you’ll learn how to bend and flex yourself healthy with simple moves that can be done in a small space.

    25. It’s All About Yoga This blog conveys the more spiritual side of yoga, as well as the immense health benefits for your figure. It talks about the different styles of yoga and has tips on how beginners can focus and free their minds of noise when trying to master a new pose.

Getting in the groove of working out isn’t easy, but it can be done if you have a clear plan. Aim for at least half an hour of movement per day, whether that’s with a steady exercise plan or fun activity like roller-blading or cycling. Consistency is key no matter what fitness level you’re at.