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25 Q & A Sites About Community Colleges

If you plan to attend a community college, you probably have a lot of questions about your choice. You may or may not have thought about financial aid, affirmative action, work-study programs or even about the best rug to buy if you plan to live in a dorm. The following 25 Q&A sites about community colleges come from actual community colleges or from sites that focus on community colleges. The questions are varied, and most answers — even those from specific colleges — often are not college specific. (more…)

The 15 Most Populated Universities in the World

Education is increasingly important in today’s world. Many people find that an education can help them excel later in life. An Associate Degree can be a good way to get started on the path to a better job and higher earnings down the road. In the United States, we have a long history of supporting education. Other countries are building up educational systems as well — some of them quite large.

Indeed, university systems are growing around the world, enrolling millions. Even in the U.S., it is possible to find university systems with hundreds of thousands of students. Many of the universities feature multiple campuses, as well as online enrollees. If you are interested in the most populated universities in the world, here are the top 15. These numbers include those with multiple campuses, such as university systems. However, the list doesn’t include universities that are known mainly as online universities (like University Phoenix, which has more than 500,000 enrollees, but started out primarily as an online university, even though it has campuses).

15. University of Delhi

India is increasingly becoming a major location for universities. The University of Delhi is no exception. With 400,000 enrollees, it’s no surprise that this university is known for its size and academic offerings. There are multiple campuses to serve its students, as well as online and other distance offerings to serve those who might not have the same access to education.

14. California State University

With multiple campuses throughout the state of California, this university system is quite populous, with 417,000 students. You can attend California State University campuses in a number of cities, depending on what you prefer. Also included are some online classes, ideal for distance learners. It serves as a way for students to learn on their own terms.

13. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University

Founded in 1982, the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University has 450,000 students. This university is located in Andhra Pradesh, India, the city that formerly gave the institution its name. It was founded as an open university, offering widespread education. Hundreds of thousands get an education by attending this school.

12. University of the Punjab

This university is located in cosmopolitan Lahore, Pakistan, and has 450,00 students. The University of the Punjab is meant to provide an education for those in Pakistan who wish to study. It features a number of degree programs and learning opportunities, offered online.

11. State University of New York

This extensive university system in the state of New York boasts an enrollment of 467,845 students. The State University of New York has campuses all over the state, and is considered to offer a good education. The SUNY system is considered the largest comprehensive system in the U.S., even though some systems have more students enrolled.

10. University System of Ohio

Another U.S. system, the University System of Ohio has 478,000 students, and includes the Ohio State University, one of the largest campuses in the U.S. You can get access to undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate opportunities through one of the biggest research systems in the world.

9. University of Pune

The University of Pune in India has 496,531 students enrolled. This has been one of the premier universities in India, since its founding in 1948. This university is located in an area infused with history, including the Battle of Khadki. Plenty of learning opportunities, and other chances to enjoy what the area has to offer.

8. Ramkhamhaeng University

Headquartered in exotic Bangkok, Thailand, Ramkhamhaeng University has 525,000 students on campuses throughout the country. It is the largest open university in Thailand, providing widespread education. The university was established in 1971 in response to so many students looking to attend college.

7. Bangladesh Open University

In order to provide a wider access to education, Bangladesh Open University was established in 1992. Headquartered in Gazipur, there are 600,000 students enrolled at this public university. With multiple campuses and some online offerings, it is fairly easy for students to access an education.

6. Universitas Terbuka

Jakarta, Indonesia is home to the Universitas Terbuka, an open public university with 646,467 students enrolled. This university, in addition to having a campus established in 1984, has also become a world leader in distance education. You can get access to an education from almost anywhere in Indonesia.

5. Bangladesh National University

This is another public university in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh National University has 800,000 students. It was established in 1992 as a university system meant to be open and include elements of distance learning, in order to better reach rural and semi-urban areas with a need for access to education.

4. Anadolu University

Established in 1958, Anadolu University is located in Eskisehir, Turkey. There are 1,041,180 students enrolled at this open university in Turkey. The university has developed into a distance learning institution, as well as having campuses. The idea is to provide wider access to a college education.

3. Islamic Azad University

Islamic Azad University is headquartered in Iran’s capital, Tehran. There are 1,500,000 students enrolled at the university, studying a variety of subjects. There are more than 400 branches of this university, and developments are underway to expand into other countries, including Malaysia, Tajikistan and Canada. There are already international branches in Lebanon, Tanzania, the U.K., United Arab Emirates, and Armenia.

2. Allama Iqbal Open University

Headquartered in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, Allama Iqbal Open University enrolls 1,806,214 students. This open university is also a leader in online and distance education. This “mega university” is open to every Pakistani citizen, as well as international persons living in Pakistan’s territories. There are a wide variety of courses, up through the Ph.D. level, that students can take.

1. Indira Gandhi National Open University

Established in 1985, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the largest university, by enrollment, is Indira Gandhi National Open University. With 3,500,000 students, this university is clearly a leader in distance learning. Not only are there campuses for this school, but there are numerous opportunities to engage in online learning and degree programs. The university is named after one India’s most prominent prime ministers, Indira Gandhi, who was assassinated (she was no relation to Mahatma Gandhi). The university also serves those in other countries through its online programs.

20 DIY Storage Ideas for Your House

Get your house into shape with these easy DIY storage ideas. For those who have a lot of stuff, it’s important to keep it organized to prevent a major mess or hoarding situation from happening. Keep DIY storage streamlined so you can .

General DIY Storage Ideas

We all need storage ideas that can fit into any nook or cranny of our house or garage. Here’s a look at storage ideas that can work throughout your home.

    1. Put up a faux shutter. A shutter (or pair of shutters) can be put up anywhere in your home or garage. Paint them a bright color to add a little drama to the room and use them to store cards, mail or any papers you need quick access to.

    2. Make use of vertical space. Remember that vertical space is a great way to get things off the floor without cluttering the area. Vertical lack shelves can be installed in any wall space that has enough room for 3-4 shelves, but feel free to go beyond that. Books and small boxes with items in them can be stored on these vertical shelves.

    3. Go with canisters. You can decorate canisters with contact paper or construction paper. In these canisters you can store markers, art supplies, pens and anything else you want to grab quickly. Canisters are also a great storage option for makeup brushes.

    4. Display items in jars. Seasonal items that aren’t being used can be put in clear jars and stored on a shelf. The best part of DIY jars is there’s almost nothing to do but your items inside of them. If you’re using them in an art space or hobby area, you can decorate the outside of the jar with paint.

    5. Make a table over the washer and dryer. If you have a front loading washer and dryer, you can take a large piece of wood and create a faux table. Sand and stain the wood if you’d like and then use it as a space to store detergent, dryer sheets and baskets so they aren’t taking up space elsewhere in the laundry area.

    6. Install a second rod in your closet. Double the space in any closet by installing a second rod. This can be done with a kit purchased at a local hardware store and doesn’t take much skill. There’s no reason to have one rod in a closet if you have the vertical space to install another one. You can put all of your shirts and jackets on the top rod and keep the bottom reserved for pants.

    7. Get shelves organized with boxes. If you have a closet that’s packed with shelves, keep them organized by using boxes. If you’re storing underwear or socks, this is the ideal way to make use of shelf space without putting everyone on display when guests are in the room. Use colorful boxes from the dollar store and add tags to let you know what’s inside. For things you’ll reach for regularly, an open top works best.

    8. Add racks to your doors. Racks can be added to the back of doors, whether it’s the door to a room or a closet door. This gives you even more space. The pocket racks meant for shoes don’t have to be used for shoes, Use them to store jewelry, books or anything else you don’t have a spot for.

    9. Turn a ladder into a bookshelf. This one takes some elbow grease, but it’s well worth it if you like an industrial look. The older the ladder looks, the better since it’s meant to add a rustic feel to any living space or office. This works best in a room with high ceilings since the ladder might be overwhelming in a smaller space. Adhere the ladder to the wall with a drill and place your books on the arms bottom leg of the latter versus the steps.

    10. Find an old trunk. You can pick up an old trunk at a thrift store, garage sale or online auction. Clean the trunk out and polish it up if it’s made of leather. Inside you can store toys in the living room or excess items like photo albums, books and DVDs that you don’t have space for or rather keep out of sight.

Bathroom DIY Storage Ideas

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, most of us want to maximize the space. Here are tips on how to work with the space you have.

    11. Store bins under tables. What’s happening under a table? Probably nothing. Make use of that space by storing bins under the table. This is especially useful for items that kids need to access such as books and toys. It also works in bathrooms for extra towels or rolls of toilet paper.

    12. Find a new use for a wine rack. In the bathroom, you always need more space for towels. Get a sleek wine rack and install it on the wall. Instead of putting wine on it, roll up towels and store them on the rack.

    13. Add a shelf in the shower. Not all bath tubs have space to store things on the ledge and putting a shelf under the shower head can make it uncomfortable to take a shower. Instead add a shelf to the wall opposite the shower head. A glass shelf fits the style of almost any bathroom. On this shelf, you can place soap in a dish, wash cloths and any shampoos or conditioners

    14. Use vintage bowls and dishes. To condense items like makeup or toothbrushes, use vintage bowls or cups. You can find these at second hand shops or thrift stores. Look for colors that coordinate with your bathroom, but remember that adding vintage or vintage-like items don’t have to match exactly. It’s all about the quirk factor.

    15. Use a lazy Susan. When storing bottles in a cabinet or under the sink, use a lazy Susan to put the bottles on. That means you’ll never have to dig for a bottle at the back of the shelf or forget about products you want to use from time to time.

Kid’s Room DIY Storage Ideas

Almost every kid’s room needs some help in the storage department. These DIY storage ideas will suit every kid’s room and may even elevate the decor.

    16. Stackable crates. For young kids, you want to find stackable crates that lock together. For older kids (7 and up), you can create makeshift stackable crates since children this age are more careful and aren’t likely to knock the crates down. You can use old milk crates and paint them to coordinate with the kid’s room.

    17. Add hooks to the wall. Kids can hang their backpacks, jackets or anything else from hooks added to the hall. They’re easy to install and should sit about 3-4 feet from the floor, making them accessible for kids.

    18. Ledge shelves for kids books. A local hardware store can cut ledge shelves. You’ll have to sand, prime and paint them yourself before putting them on the walls. The ideal measurement for a ledge shelf is about four feet in length. This makes it long enough to make a statement, but doesn’t let it overpower a wall. Books can then be placed on the shelf for display.

    19. Use the space under the bed. For kids who are already in a big kid’s bed, use the space underneath. Use flat storage boxes to store items and mark what’s inside on a label placed on a spot visible when looking underneath the bed. This is a great way to store seasonal items like beach towels, swimsuits, winter coats and boots.

    20. Use an open wardrobe for storage. The small open wardrobes available at Ikea or other furniture stores don’t have to be used for clothes. Because they have open shelves, use them to display toys and hold canisters or jars with art supplies, excess books and stuffed animals.

These simple DIY storage ideas will make it easier to manage your space. Remember to teach family members to put items back where they go since that’s the purpose of storage that makes your space function more efficiently.

Couch Potato Boot Camp: Top 25 Workout Blogs for Beginners

Getting into the swing of working out is tough, especially if it’s your first time exercising seriously. Whether you’re looking to tone up or looking to drop the pounds, these blogs will help you get moving in the right direction. Remember to move at your own pace and while you do need to break a sweat, stretching is essential to prevent injuries. Always listen to your body when working out to prevent hurting yourself.

Top Workout Blogs for Beginners

Get ideas for different workouts that will fit your current fitness level with these workout blogs.

    1. Body Weight Coach If you know zilch about getting in shape, this is the site to check out. From learning how to eat right to learning form when lifting free weights, this blog will give you plenty of direction when it comes to shaping up.

    2. Home Workout Success Not everyone feels comfortable hitting the gym in the beginning and this blog shows you how to tone up in the privacy of your own home and still get amazing results.

    3. Nerd Fitness This blog shows you the proper exercises for burning fat or toning up (or both), plus emphasizes form and how to make the most out of a 20 minute workout.

    4. Pilates Workout Blog For those who want to go the low impact route, this blog shows you the basics of pilates and is aimed at beginners. You’ll learn how to breathe and extend your limbs so you slim down and tone up.

    5. Home Workout Blog This site shows you simple at-home exercises that can make a big difference in your waistline. Remember that you’ll have to invest in a sandbag or free weights to work out at home and get real results.

    6. Workout IQ This fitness blog delves into the science of working out. It also shows you simple workout moves you can do at home, no matter what your fitness level is.

    7. The Workout We love this fitness blog because it shows easy moves that will get anyone moving, no matter their strength or endurance level. There’s also a section aimed at getting teens in shape.

    8. Free Workouts Blog Learn how to tone and tighten with the workout tips at this blog. This site breaks down moves so they’re easy to follow and encourages you to get active little by little.

    9. Workouts for Home Learn how to strengthen and burn fat at home with this fitness blog. There are plenty of moves to learn at this site, as well as recipe ideas to keep your body on track.

    10. Melinda’s Fitness Blog This health and fitness blog is aimed at women, but lots of the advice applies to men too. Learn how to start a workout routine and get in the zone of doing it every day.

    11. Best Workout This site is all about tracking down the best at-home workouts and condensing them all in one place. This is a great blog because it shows you workouts at various fitness levels, so once you can kick it up a notch, there’s a workout ready for you.

    12. Workout Mommy Aimed at busy moms, this fitness blog shows you how to make the most of a short workout and how to stay focused on consistent workouts that will get you results.

    13. 365 Exercise This blogger works out every single day and will motivate you to do the same. You’ll see that not every workout has to be intense, but just the effort of moving will keep your goals in sight.

    14. Fitness Exercises Blog Learn how working out will improve other things such as your mental well-being and posture. This site has workouts that are easy to follow and also reviews fitness DVDs and products on the market.

    15. Better Exercise Fitness for Life Learn how to get started with a regular exercise routine, from yoga to swimming. You’ll enjoy learning about the many ways you can get active and lose weight without making it a chore.

Top Running Blogs

Get out there and go! Running is an easy, cheap way to lose weight and these blogs will show you the way.

    16. I Run For My Life This blogger is training for her fifth marathon and will motivate you to do the same. It’s half-running, half-personal life, but always a fun read.

    17. Runners World This is the online home of running, for runners of any level. For beginners, there’s extensive information over stretching, training and getting in gear for your first half-marathon or other event.

    18. Complete Running If you aren’t sure how to get started, this running blog is a must-read. It shows you how to stay motivated through the growing pains of adjusting to life as a runner.

    19. Viking Running This runner shows that even the best of us are sometimes pressed for time and can’t fit in a workout. At this blog you’ll see how to balance running and family life, which is essentials for those who become true runners and make a lifestyle change.

    20. 4 Feet Running This running couple is determined to motivate others to get running on a regular basis. Their run photos of the day will make you want to get out and explore nearby parks and trails when getting in shape.

Top Yoga Blogs

A low impact way to get in shape is to practice yoga. No matter what your current fitness level is, you’ll be able to do moderated poses that will help you tone up and work up a sweat.

    21. My Yoga Blog This avid yogi shows you how to get comfortable with poses when you’re a beginner. Her advice is great because it deals with both the mind and body portions of yoga, so you understand the intentions behind this popular workout.

    22. Linda’s Yoga Blog This yoga blogger recently closed-up shop on her awesome site, but there’s still archived posts on how to get into yoga and get into shape while toning and shaping.

    23. Yoga Journal Learn everything about the different styles of yoga, including how to breathe and work up a sweat so you’re burning fat while toning your muscles.

    24. Yoga for Beginners The name says it all! At this yoga blog you’ll learn how to bend and flex yourself healthy with simple moves that can be done in a small space.

    25. It’s All About Yoga This blog conveys the more spiritual side of yoga, as well as the immense health benefits for your figure. It talks about the different styles of yoga and has tips on how beginners can focus and free their minds of noise when trying to master a new pose.

Getting in the groove of working out isn’t easy, but it can be done if you have a clear plan. Aim for at least half an hour of movement per day, whether that’s with a steady exercise plan or fun activity like roller-blading or cycling. Consistency is key no matter what fitness level you’re at.

Stylish Tweets: 55 Must-Follow Fashion Twitter Feeds

The world of fashion has had its veil lifted thanks to social media. Fashion folks are an eccentric bunch and even those at the top love to share the daily details of their loves. Twitter has become the unofficial hub of the online fashion community and these are the names you need to follow to keep updated with all of your favorite fashion news.

Fashion Brands to Follow on Twitter

These companies tweet from the heart and have someone on the frontline at all times to answer questions and create a name for themselves in the world of social media.

    1. @dkny This PR girl shows ‘em how it’s done, creating a lively online persona for the brand and teaching us a little about how a major brand works behind-the-scenes in the process.

    2. @BCBGMAXAZRIA Get a look at sketches and fabrics before they hit the runway, plus a look at what happens backstage minutes before the show starts.

    3. @MichaelKors This mega brand tweets about the line at Macy’s, as well as the high end collection that shows at Lincoln Center each season.

    4. @VictoriaBeckham This Twitter feed goes crazy during fashion week when Posh Spice herself takes over and tweets about styling and trends for the new season.

    5. @Tracy_Reese This contemporary designer tweets regularly about fashion show preparations and the beauty trends you can expect to see in her show.

    6. @CynthiaSteffe This label’s Twitter feeds gives you a heads-up on what to look forward to with each fashion show and also talks about general fashion trends seen on celebrities.

    7. @BrianReyes This designer is all about the hot cocktail dress, but the brand also tweets about celeb sightings wearing the new (somewhat) label.

    8. @ElizandJames The contemporary brand brought to you by the Olsen twins knows how to utilize social media to reach out and touch consumers in their demographic.

    9. @MalandrinoBuzz The lovely Catherine Malandrino tweets about prepping for her fashion show and getting inspiration from everywhere she travels.

    10. LouisVuitton_US The French label tweets about their latest ventures and shows off images of their gorgeous windows and stores around the world.

    11. @Stuart_Weitzman The shoe label gives you the inside scoop on the latest shoe trends and when sale season is in full effect.

    12. @LoefflerRandall This contemporary label is one of our favorite brands to follow because they aren’t just plugging goods, but also talk about the latest fashion trends and red carpet sightings.

    13. @ViaSpiga This affordable label knows how to create a personal relationship with online consumers by providing stellar customer service via Twitter.

    14. @NicoleMillerNYC American designer Nicole Miller makes friends with consumers through this fun Twitter feed.

    15. @CalvinKlein The minimalist label tweets all about fashion shows and celebrities on the red carpet in this iconic American brand.

    16. @dvf Diane Von Furstenburg brings her brand into the 21st century with a Twitter feed that talks about the label’s history and place in fashion throughout the decades.

    17. @CoSTUMENATIONAL The Italian label gives you a peek at backstage before their show and what online retailers are stocking their latest goods.

    18. @Zac_Posen This Twitter feed chats about all of the designer’s ventures from his high end label to the new diffusion line, Z Spoke.

    19. @rag_bone This hipster brand knows a thing or two about reaching out to their demographic and regularly post their press appearances to show followers how to wear their easy-going duds.

    20. @Rebecca Minkoff The handbag-turned-ready-to-wear designer tweets about upcoming shows, events and press appearances. Plus, the brand often holds contests on their own or in conjunction with a fashion blog, so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win free stuff.

    21. @StellaMcCartney The British brand tweets from across the pond and posts images of celebs at the latest events in the label’s eco-friendly duds.

    22. @ArmaniExchange We love this Twitter feed because it’s a person tweeting who knows the power of social media. Besides the fashion 411, this feed chats about mundane things too, proving fashion isn’t all glitz and glam all of the time (just most of the time).

    23. @BadgleyMischka This Twitter feed comes from the two designers in charge of the fashion house and tweets about their high end gowns, plus the label’s diffusion brands which can be found at stores like Macy’s.

    24. @pamellaroland This American designer tweets about how the collection is developing each season and who’s involved with the styling and beauty aspect of the fashion show.

    25. @OscarPRGirl The PR gal for Oscar de la Renta rants and raves about the world of high fashion from behind-the-scenes, making her one of the most popular fashion people on Twitter.

Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

Fashion bloggers…there’s a lot of them! Some have a genuinely interesting point of view when it comes to fashion, while others simply love busting out their DSLR and posting images of themselves in oversized clothing. Here are the fashion bloggers that are worth following for keeping in the loop.

    26. @tavitulle This young blogger has taken the fashion world by storm, tweeting for Barneys on Fashion’s Night Out and participating in indie magazine editorials.

    27. @susiebubble This fashion lover isn’t afraid to take risks and will inspire you to do the same when digging through your closet.

    28. @ManRepeller We’re obsessed with this fashion blogger who takes seemingly decent clothing and turns them into a man repeller with the touch of fur and wedges.

    29. @BagSnob This snob is the one to follow for an inside look at the glamorous lifestyle of a mommy-turned-fashion-blogger. Her personality is infectious and she’s a must-follow even if you aren’t obsessed with fashion.

    30. @IFB This is the group that independent fashion bloggers who wish to (or already do) monetize their blogs belong to. This is an awesome site for keeping up with brand and industry news.

    31. @sakinasworld This fashion blogger talks about plus size fashion and beauty tips.

    32. @MTVTJ Before she was tweeting professionally for MTV, this writer was a fashion blogger with scores of fans and showed off how to style yourself trendy when you aren’t a size zero.

    33. @thetonywang This street style blogger is the man about town who photographs the trends before they hit the runway each season.

    34. @fadetoblackny This is one of the fashion blogs for eye candy and hipster fashion inspiration that will make you want to bust out your floppy hat and heavy black eyeliner.

    35. @froufrouu From across the pond, we get this lovely fashion blogger with a penchant for hats and capes.

    36. @theglamourai This jewelry designer has made a name for herself with her personal style blog where she mixes everything from Lanvin to Forever 21 and looks fabulous doing it.

    37. @garancedore This is one of the few female street style photographers out there and she’s gone on to photograph major campaigns, while capturing personality along with the fashion.

    38. @Sartorialist The man who put street style photography on the map is still kickin’ and now works with chain brands to evoke his signature simple images that speak a thousand words.

    39. @JakandJilBlog This Canadian street style blogger photographs editors and big time fashion bloggers alike at the various fashion weeks all over the globe.

    40. @sea_of_shoes This teen blogger has collaborated with Urban Outfitters and made an appearance in Vanity Fair. Her kooky style is all her own (you’ll find no overuse of leggings or off-the-shoulder oversized T’s here), putting her at the forefront of fashion for the future.

Fashion News Sources to Follow on Twitter

If you love fashion, but don’t have time to scour every magazine or read every issue of Women’s Wear Daily, these fashion Twitter feeds will deliver the news directly to you.

    41. @WhoWhatWear This Twitter feed keeps you posted on what a celebrity was wearing the last time they were dining out, shopping like mad or leaving rehab.

    42. @Lovelyish This Twitter feed is full of fashion news, fashion show reviews and plenty of celebrity fashion too.

    43. @styledotcom It’s fashion 24/7 at this site, which posts fashion show reviews and photos from industry events in New York City and Europe.

    44. @Coutorture This Twitter feed reports everything that’s going down in the world of fashion and shows you an inside look at what goes on backstage before the house lights go down.

    45. @TheGlamNetwork Here you’ll get all of the latest fashion news like who’s wearing what on the red carpet and mainstream shopping info for upcoming sales and coupon codes.

    46. @Fashiontribes Get breaking fashion news from this Twitter feed that’s constantly updated with news you need to know.

    47. USAToday_style This is like having a backstage pass to New York fashion week. Keep updated with industry news and the latest from the runway with this Twitter feed.

    48. @Fashionista_com Sometimes this site posts news before the big wigs get a hold of it and has a great mix of celebrity and high fashion coverage.

    49. @SamSaysFashion The National Women’s Fashion Examiner keeps you in the loop with industry news, red carpet hits and misses and fashion show slideshows so you can judge the latest trends for yourself.

    50. @CollegeFashion It’s mostly mainstream fashion news at this site, but there Twitter feed does a great job of creating a personal relationship with readers (and isn’t that the point?).

    51. @FashionweekNYC When the shows are in full effect, this is the one Twitter feed you need to follow and when it’s the normal fashion frenzy, they post plenty of industry news and gossip.

    52. @cutblog The snarky folks at New York magazine keep you abreast of all of the fashion news they think you need to know and poke fun at the things you don’t.

    53. @Fashism Get your celebrity and fashion fix with this site that constantly tweets the news you should know to keep up with the conversation during cocktail hour.

    54. @RealStyleNetwork Know what trends to keep and which to lose with this fashion Twitter feed.

    55. CathyHorynNYT While some fear Anna Wintour, Cathy Horyn is one writer who could care less about the uppity side of fashion. She tells it like it is every season, which has resulted in her being banned from shows, but she keeps going. Get her serious fashion tweets, which may teach you a thing or two about finding beauty in “everything” (while many writers find every collection to be amazing, Horyn isn’t afraid to say what’s hideous or impractical).

While some fear Anna Wintour, Cathy Horyn is one writer who could care less about the uppity side of fashion. She tells it like it is every season, which has resulted in her being banned from shows, but she keeps going. Get her serious fashion tweets, which may teach you a thing or two about finding beauty in Fashion loves Twitter because it’s instant and in some ways, captures the crazed enthusiasm of many fashion addicts. Following these news sources, bloggers and brands is sure to keep you posted on what you should check out each season. Even if you aren’t a fashion fanatic, these Twitter feeds open up a world of fantasy that’s almost impossible to turn away from.

Vavoom! Modern Day Burlesque: The Top 40 Burlesque Blogs

The art of burlesque has had a major comeback. With new school burlesque troops popping up left and right and films on the subject, there’s a lot of debate on what constitutes burlesque and whether it’s just a glam version of a stripper. True burlesque involves the art of the tease, not prancing around in a sparkly bra and ruffled underwear. While the great burlesque dancers like Gypsy Rose Lee and Sally Rand were sensual with an effortless grace, the majority of today’s burlesque shows are more overtly sexual and in-your-face. Learn about both and choose your weapon.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About New and Old Burlesque

New burlesque or old burlesque? That is the question and these articles show you the vast differences between the two.

  1. Burlesque Daily At this blog you’ll get the skinny on burlesque books, videos and web sources for learning more about the sassy way of dancing.
  2. Burlesque Baby Unfortunately, this site no longer updates, but it’s a must-read for those who want a place for burlesque beauty and dance tutorials in one concise place.
  3. The Candy Pitch For learning about burlesque queens new and old, this blog is a must-read and has amazing interviews with the headlining names in burlesque today.
  4. It’s Simply Burlesque This burlesque blog keeps you in-the-loop with conventions and tours of some of the hottest burlesque troops in the biz.
  5. Shimmy Magazine This site makes it easy to learn what burlesque troops are performing in your area and what venues they frequently appear at.
  6. LiveJournal – Burlesque Moves This site isn’t updated as often as it once was, but real burlesque dancers from around the globe upload their performances, giving you a taste of the direction burlesque is headed in modern times.
  7. School of Burlesque This woman literally wrote the book on burlesque and is eager to share information with fans as she tours the country and hosts courses in New York City.
  8. The Honey Cocoa This blog is penned by a Texan burlesque dancer, which has info on performance dates and what it’s like to be a working dancer.
  9. Dr. Sketchy Does Dallas The blog for this burlesque haunt in Dallas will make you wish your city had as lively of a burlesque scene.
  10. Ginger Valentine Blog This showgirl shares her shows, techniques and when she’s available to teach you a thing or two about her moves at this burlesque blog.
  11. Pin Curl Magazine The name says it all! This online magazine dishes on some of the big name burlesque dancers making the rounds at major hot spots throughout the U.S.
  12. The Daily Shot We love this blog because the burlesque dancer offers advice to real women contemplating the same career and has behind-the-scenes posts about her performances.
  13. April O’Peel This blog is about the life of a Vancouver-based burlesque dancer and has plenty of the grit and grind that come with being a performer for a living.
  14. Dita Von Teese Fan This site isn’t officially associated with the woman responsible for putting burlesque back on the map, but it is the best place to keep updated with news on Von Teese and see plenty of gorgeous images.
  15. Burlesque Babes Shop This site is a great resource for those looking for burlesque garb, but it also has loads of classic burlesque photos for inspiration.

Blogs and Websites for Learning About the History of Burlesque

At these blogs and websites you’ll learn about the history of burlesque and where it is today.

  1. Burlesque Hall Learn about burlesque and how it was in the days of yore. Plus, get inspiration from some of the A-list names that tour today.
  2. OSU Library – Burlesque Resources Check out this site for a list of some of the best books to explore when learning about burlesque.
  3. Musicals 101 – Burlesque Get the lowdown on the history of burlesque and profiles of some of the iconic names from the 20th century. It also gives you an idea of how burlesque shows were formatted.
  4. Burlesque History This site has a suggested reading list for those who want to learn about the history of burlesque and also has an interesting article over how the founders of this organization went about finding people who formerly worked in the burlesque.
  5. Burlesque Guide – Burlesque History This site gives an in-depth timeline of the history of burlesque and talks about the different phases the burlesque movement went through up until the 1950s.
  6. Clothesline Journal – Burlesque This site has a look at the world of burlesque through the ‘40s and ‘50s when burlesque hit its prime and slowly began to taper off thanks to pornography going mainstream.
  7. Polestars – History of Burlesque This article gives you a brief synopsis of the rise and fall of burlesque and what burlesque classes focus on today.
  8. eHow – How to Learn the History of Burlesque If you aren’t sure where to begin your burlesque research, this article gives you a few pointers on films, books and websites you should check out.
  9. Ministry of Burlesque At this site, neo-burlesque dancers talk about stars of burlesque’s hey day and how to implement classic moves and tactics to modern routines.
  10. Date Hookup – The History of Burlesque This blog has a great rundown burlesque and has numerous links to academic sites where you can learn more about the subject.
  11. Burlesque Divas – A History of Burlesque and its Costumes Get the scoop on the history of burlesque dancers on-stage outfits and how pasties and a G-string got some dancers arrested in the ‘30s and ‘40s.
  12. Wikipedia – Neo Burlesque Learn how the neo burlesque movement took off and the various burlesque scenes around the globe today.
  13. Flickr – Jo Weldon The famous Jo Weldon has an ample supply of vintage burlesque images to give you an idea of what real glamour was all about at the beginning of the 20th century.
  14. eHow – History of Burlesque Dance Costumes This eHow article gives you an idea of how costumes in burlesque evolved throughout the years and when burlesque dancers decided to take off more and more to entertain the crowds.

Videos for Learning Burlesque

From how to apply your makeup like a burlesque dancer to mastering the saucy moves that will hypnotize a crowd, these videos will teach you about the various elements that comprise the art of burlesque.

  1. Metacafe – Burlesque From beauty videos to how-to’s on stripping, this site has loads of videos tagged “burlesque” for you to learn more about the art.
  2. Burlesque Guide – Dita Von Teese See the queen of modern burlesque in action in the array of videos posted at this site.
  3. Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial From how to get those arched brows to perfecting the red lip, this video has all of the tips for getting the makeup look of the queen herself.
  4. Burlesque Makeup Tutorial This lengthy tutorial is great for those who aren’t familiar with makeup application because the gal goes into detail over what tools you need to make the look work.
  5. Madeline de la Creme – Burlesque Tutorial Get tips on how to feel the music when putting together your very own burlesque routine.
  6. Gossip Lady Learns Burlesque If you’re interested in attending a burlesque class, this video gives you a few pointers and an idea of what to expect when arrive in the studio.
  7. Burlesque Lesson This video doesn’t give you a step-by-step on the dance routine, but it’s so simple to follow that you’ll feel yourself turning into a burlesque goddess once you grab a chair and try out the moves.
  8. Kitten DeVille – The Grind See video footage of one of the big names of neo burlesque in all her feather fan glory.
  9. Kittie Klaw ‘Burlesque for Beginners’ A neo burlesque dancer gives pointers for getting started on the industry and honing your personal style when it comes to finding a theme for routines and costumes.
  10. Bettie Page 1950 Though Bettie Page wasn’t part of the vibrant burlesque movement, she did perform with a certain innocence and coyness that’s reminiscent of the vaudeville performs who perfected the craft.
  11. How to Dance Like Dita Von Teese This instructional video will get you in touch with your sensual side in no time. The directions are easy and with a little creativity, you’ll feel like you’re on stage, even if you’re just in your apartment living room.

Burlesque has seen a major comeback in recent years and appears to be a great interested for folks of all ages. Even mid-size cities can have a happening burlesque scene, so explore your own area to see if there are any hot ticket shows coming up. Even if you aren’t interested in putting on your own routine at home, getting inspired by burlesque is sure to make you appreciate glamour from a time when poise and sass mattered.

50 Stress-Free Tips for the Clever Holiday Traveler

Traveling for the holidays doesn’t have to be a drag. Sure there are crowds, lines and hold-ups, but if you stay organized and understand you can’t control everything, you’ll have a fairly painless time packing up the kids, making your way to the airport and arriving at your destination in one piece. Remember to plan ahead when it comes to everything to leave room for error. After all, you don’t want to end up plowing your way through the airport like a scene from Home Alone.

Holiday Travel Trips for Packing

Packing is half the battle when it comes to reducing holiday stress. If you travel every holiday season, you’re probably a pro, but there’s always more to learn to maximize your space and minimize the madness.

    1. Get an edit going in your head. Weeks before you travel, start to think about what you’ll be attending while on the trip. This will give you an idea of what type of clothes you need to pack and get your brain moving in that direction, leaving behind excess items that won’t be worn.

    2. Check the weather for the days you’ll be there. The weather seems to be all over the place no matter what part of the country you’re in. Temperatures change drastically daily, so call your friends or family for an idea of what the weather has been like and pack accordingly.

    3. Buy small plastic bottles. These can be purchased at any superstore or drugstore in the travel section. Small plastic bottles allow you to transfer shampoo, soap, lotions and serums so you aren’t stuck taking the entire bottle on your trip.

    4. Buy travel size toiletries. If you don’t travel often, it may be wiser to purchase small bottles of anything you’ll need on your trip. Remember that if you’re staying with family, they’ll have things like shampoo and soap, but if you’re skin is sensitive or you’re a label snob, it’s best to pack your own.

    5. Pre-pack a few days before the trip. A few days before it’s time to travel, pre-pack. This means gathering the items to get a last glance, leaving you plenty of time to pick up things you might need from the store.

    6. Go with a color palette. Men and women (and kids) should have a color palette for travel. This means garments will work with each other and can be used to create more outfits should you need it. Smart options include two neutrals and two or three colors.

    7. Limit your shoes. Most of us only need two pairs of shoes on any given trip. One pair of casual shoes and one pair of dress shoes. For the holidays, you definitely want a pair of dress shoes since you may be going to church or a fancy dinner with family. Do your best to wear one pair of shoes while traveling and pack the other.

    8. Women should accessorize like mad. A statement necklace, patterned tights, a cuff bracelet…these are all small items that are easy to pack and have the power to completely change up an outfit.

    9. Remember to roll your clothing. Rolling your clothing maximizes your space. Fold the garment longways and then roll, making sure to pull the item taut so it rolls up into a tube shape. Place rolled clothing next to each other starting with pants and skirts at the bottom and creating stacks.

    10. Place socks and underwear in shoes. Roll underwear and socks (this takes up less space than balling them) and tuck them into the shoes that are going in your bag or suitcase.

    11. Limit your undergarments. We understand it’s the holidays and every one wants to look their best, but don’t overpack when it comes to undergarments. If you go overboard, it will weigh you down and often you don’t end up wearing everything you take. Women should take one nude bra and one black bra and every person traveling should have a pair of underwear for each day.

    12. Try to stick to one bag per person. If you’re flying, this means you won’t have to check luggage depending on the size, which will save you loads of stress.

    13. You can also take one large suitcase. If you’re traveling with another adult and a child, you may be able to fit all of your items in one large suitcase. The bag will have to be checked, but frees you from carrying anything else through the airport.

    14. Hang some items. Not everyone has a ritzy suitcase with a hanging area, but you can still avoid severe wrinkles by hanging dresses, dress shirts and jackets and then laying them flat on top of the rest of your clothes before zipping up the bag or suitcase.

    15. Don’t fret too much. If you have to buy ponytail holders for your daughter or a toothbrush for your spouse because they forgot, it won’t be the end of the world.

Holiday Travel Tips for Flying

The closer to Christmas you travel, the more hectic the airport will be. Be organized and prepared before you get to there to avoid any snafus that will put a damper on your holiday plans.

    16. Start flight shopping early. There are a very limited number of deals ran for holiday travel. Start shopping early to get the best deal and compare on airlines’ own websites as many will price match the fare found on discount sites.

    17. Buy directly from an airline. We’re all for saving money, but if you aren’t sure about vacation time, when your son’s final exams are happening or anything of the sort, buying directly from an airline usually gives you more leeway for changing flight dates or times.

    18. Put ID tags on all of your bags. This includes personal items that you’re carrying-on. You never know where you may set down your laptop case and walk off without it.

    19. Check in online. Nearly every airline offers an online option for checking in. This can usually be done starting 24 hours before the flight and lets you avoid standing at a kiosk in the airport. This is an essential step if you’re not checking luggage and shave half an hour off your time in the airport.

    20. Keep IDs and passports together. One person, mom or dad, or anyone else who is responsible, should have all forms of identification together. This may will reduce individuals losing their IDs while going through the airport ruckus. If a family all shares the same last name, they can pass through customs together.

    21. Dress for the airport. This means minimal layers and shoes that can easily be removed. Not every airport makes you remove shoes anymore, so you may be able to check online to see the standards practiced at the locations you’re passing through.

    22. Carry some cash. Remember that many airlines now charge for checked luggage. It is fastest and easiest to pay for this with cash, so have $10-$20 per bag with you. The fees for your airline can usually be found online.

    23. Check your route. If your travels call for a connecting flight, do your best to avoid areas with weather problems that could throw a monkeywrench in your plans. These airports include JFK, La Guardia and O’Hare.

    24. Give yourself plenty of time. For international travel, it’s suggested you arrive at the airport two hours before departure. For domestic travel, it’s an hour. This is year round, so give yourself an additional hour during the holidays. It may sound excessive, but if you’ve ever stood in an airport security line on December 23rd, you know it’s well worth it.

    25. Pack snacks. This goes if you’re traveling with kids or not. Snacks on flights and at the airport are overpriced and usually full of sugar and salt. Avoid bloating and arriving to your destination cranky by packing raw almonds, easy-to-eat fruit like bananas and apples and whole grain crackers. If you have a long travel day, pack a sandwich.

    26. Have a designated spot for IDs. Whomever is in charge of IDs should have a designated spot for storing the important documents when they aren’t in use. This can be an envelope or large plastic zip-top bag that can be tucked in a purse or laptop case and easily accessed.

    27. Be pleasant. Airport employees regularly deal with bad attitudes around the clock and during the holidays it gets worse with an influx of travelers who aren’t aware of airport etiquette. A smile goes a long way and even if you’re in a pickle, be pleasant and respectful of whomever you’re speaking to.

    28. Be helpful. If you see a less-seasoned traveler who needs help, offer your services. Sure, you aren’t an airport employee, but in the spirit of the season and just plain human decency, it will do you some good to throw someone a helping hand.

    29. Check your flight before you leave your house. Flights can be cancelled anytime, so just because you checked the night before doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Check the flight about an hour before you leave to ensure there are no delays.

    30. Be prepared for something to go wrong. We aren’t saying go in with a bad attitude, but understand that flying for the holidays usually will involve lines, crowds, screaming children and snippy airline employees. Be prepared to weather the storm.

Holiday Travel Tips for Shopping and Gifts

When you’re traveling during the holidays, shopping for gifts can be difficult. While your options are limited, a little planning goes a long way to get everyone checked off your list.

    31. Don’t bother wrapping your gifts. TSA can go through anything they want and they will unwrap a gift if they feel the need to. Skip the risk and wait and wrap gifts once you arrive at your destination.

    32. Ship what you can. To avoid taking tons of gifts on a flight with you, shop ahead of time and ship gifts to your destination. After you arrive, you can buy wrapping supplies and get the gifts ready for giving.

    33. Shop online. .If you’re staying with family or close friends, ask if you can have gifts shipped to their home. This can save you money and time. Most sites offer great shipping deals (like a low flat fee or free shipping) within the U.S. for the holidays.

    34. Embrace gift cards. No, they aren’t the most personal gift ever, but when it comes to nieces, nephews and siblings, there’s a good chance they’ll go nuts for a gift card. Gift cards travel easily and can be purchased according to your budget.

    35. Some gifts should be carried on. If it’s valuable, sentimental or you went to great lengths to get the gift, carry it on. It won’t be worth the hassle or heartache should your luggage get lost and the gift doesn’t make its way to the recipient.

    36. Ask what they want. If you’re wrapping up work, getting your family ready for travel and about to tear your hair out over what to buy for the folks you’re visiting, just ask! There’s a chance they’ll be happy to rattle off a few suggestions and you can pick what’s right for your budget.

    37. Have a few general gifts. Once you arrive at your destination, grab a few general gifts like gift cards for the movies, chocolates and cheeses that you can gift to people who unexpectedly show up at a get-together.

    38. Don’t forget something for the host. If you have everything else delivered, remember to show up with something for your host. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can opt for a candle, guest soaps or an ornament, but show your gratitude with a small token.

    39. Cushion anything that’s breakable . Wrap the item in a T-shirt, creating a snug barrier around it. Cushion the area around the T-shirt, as well what’s below the item and what’s on top to ensure your item doesn’t break while in transit.

    40. Limit what goes with you.Most holiday flights are packed and there’s no room for an excessive number of carry-on items. You have to pick and choose what must go with you on the flight, so be smart when gift shopping and plan ahead.

Holiday Travel Tips for Traveling with the Kids

Even the most well-behaved child can run amuck when met with crowds, noise and being cramped in an airplane for hours. Here’s our tips for surviving holiday travel when the kids are in tow.

    41. Get organized. Kids often require a load of stuff that adults don’t. Diapers, bottles, gaming devices and a change of clothes are just some of the things to consider when planning what to take in your carry-on. While less is more, getting organized will let you see the reality of the situation so you can make adjustments before you depart.

    42. Have the bribe gifts ready to go. Is this the best way to parent? Of course not, but sometimes it’s necessary. When you’re tens of thousands of feet in the air and your four year old is screaming about forgetting a particular video game, you’ll be glad you had that dollar, candy or new toy ready for battle.

    43. Prep the kids for the airport chaos. Let them know it’s going to be loud, there may be a lot of waiting and they need to stay close to you at all times.

    44. Talk to older kids about goofing off. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but make it clear to older kids and teenagers that any remarks about bombs are taken seriously and should never be mentioned while at the airport (or anywhere else for that matter).

    45. Hit the bookstore. A few days before you leave, visit the bookstore with kids. Let them each choose a couple of books and give them to the kids once you’re on the flight. This will keep them entertained (at least for awhile).

    46. A pencil and paper. Never underestimate the entertainment that is doodling. Kids from ages 3 to late teens can be occupied for hours with a pencil and notepad. Bring enough for each kid, in case the books and PSPs get boring.

    47. Pack all of the chargers.For gaming devices, MP3 players and cell phones, the kids need chargers. Pack all of them in one place so if a gadget goes down, they know where to find a charger. You don’t want to deal with your 15 year old daughter should her texting capabilities go.

    48. Protect them.Bring pain relievers, cough medicine, bandages with you in case someone needs it. It’s always better to have the cure on hand than have to truck it to the store when your kid is sick.

    49. Let the kids go. If you’re with extended family that your children are seldom around, let them hang out with their cousins and mingle with distant relatives. You don’t have to be with them every waking moment, as it’s your holiday season too.

    50. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. For kids 14, 15 or older, don’t be afraid to ask for their help regarding younger siblings. All siblings should be reminded to look out for each other when traveling and lend a hand when and where they can.

The holidays bring hectic times, but also give us the opportunity to create memories. Do your best to stay positive despite excessive delays and crying babies on your flight. Implementing our tips will put you in the direction of a stress-free travel day that will make you glad to see loved ones when you arrive. It always be worth the hassle when you’re singing carols while sipping hot chocolate or listening to your dad curse out tangled Christmas lights. Safe travels and happy holidays!