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25 Q & A Sites About Community Colleges

If you plan to attend a community college, you probably have a lot of questions about your choice. You may or may not have thought about financial aid, affirmative action, work-study programs or even about the best rug to buy if you plan to live in a dorm. The following 25 Q&A sites about community colleges come from actual community colleges or from sites that focus on community colleges. The questions are varied, and most answers — even those from specific colleges — often are not college specific.

Highline Community CollegeCommunity College Q&A Sites

  1. Answers to Questions About Affirmative Action: Although the questions about the topic of affirmative action are located on the Maricopa Community Colleges site, the answers are not college specific.
  2. Central Virginia Community College Questions and Answers: This set of questions is somewhat specific to this college, but many questions about the FAFSA, Pell grants, financial aid and other financial issues are general and could fit any community college.
  3. Columbus State Community College Questions And Answers: If you want to learn more about the semester vs. the quarterly-based calendar, some of your questions might be answered here.
  4. Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Tuition and Fees: You might find some great questions here to ask your choice of community college. Although the answers here are specific to Germanna Community College, the questions are generalized and encompassing.
  5. Community College Q&A: American Community Colleges answer broad questions about community colleges, transfers, applications, housing and other topics.
  6. Federal Work-Study Questions and Answers: Although the Blue Ridge Community College offers this Q&A about federal work study components, many of the questions and answers can apply to any college federal work-study program.
  7. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the Federal Direct Loan Program: Community College of Philadelphia provides answers to students about the Federal Direct Loan Program. While some answers apply specifically to this college, any student might find an answer to a Federal Direct Loan Program question here.
  8. Got immigration questions? HCC has the answers for students: Houston Community College provides a question and answer format for immigrant students that could be applied to other colleges.
  9. NLN Accreditation Questions and Answers: Spokane Community College answers questions about NLNAC (National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission) requirements.
  10. Scholarship Questions & Answers: St. Cloud Technical & Community College provides ideas on how to apply for specific and for general scholarships for community college students.
  11. State Center Community College Monthly Questions & Answers: These questions and answers are about college grants, and many of the questions and answers are not specific to this college. Learn more about RFP, matching grants and other grant-related topics.
  12. Volunteer State Community College Questions & Answers: Learn more about this specific college as well as answers about transfer students, international students and placement testing. Often, the answers can apply to any student at any community college.

Liverpool Community College Design ShowOther Community College Q&A Sites

  1. Answers.com: Ask any question about community colleges to receive an answer. Or, you can research questions already asked, such as the best courses a first-year community college student should take.should a first year community college student take.
  2. Answers on Community Colleges: The New York Times provided a six-part question and answer series about community colleges in 2009. This link contains all six sections in reverse order, plus and introduction.
  3. College Confidential: College students at community colleges and four-year colleges can find many issues about college life throughout this site. The topics cover everything from college admissions to financing and living off campus or in a dorm.
  4. College Student Admissions Latest Questions and Answers: This site helps high school and adult learning students find answers to questions about college admissions, including finances.
  5. Discuss Campus: This Q&A format site answers all types of questions that college students might have about living away from home and studying at college. Learn more about everything from cheap dorm rugs to essays and plagiarism.
  6. Federal Student Aid Questions & Answers: Peterson’s College Search provides a broad question and answer session about saving for college, federal student aid, the FAFSA and other college financing options that fit any new or returning college student.
  7. Going Back to College: Frequently Asked Questions: Back to College Web site offers an extensive Q&A section dealing specifically with returning to college as an adult.
  8. In general, how easy is it for community college students to transfer their credits to a four-year university? This is just one question among many about community colleges at the Quora site.
  9. Questions and Answers About Funding U.S. Study: If you want to study in the U.S. and you live outside this country, this Q&A might help answer your questions about tuition costs, trends of study levels and more.
  10. Questions and Answers for Implementation of the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) [PDF]: Oregon community colleges, Oregon university system institutions and participating Oregon independent colleges and universities have specific guidelines for transfer students. This Q&A can help answer your questions about the OTM program.
  11. Questions and Answers on U.S. Undergraduate Study and Admissions: AMIDEAST, an American non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa, answers questions about choosing and applying to U.S. colleges and universities and testing.
  12. Student Voice Questions and Answers: The International Education Site offers a Q&A for students who are seeking answers about studying abroad.
  13. What kind of questions will a community college ask during an interview? You can find answers to this question or any other community college question you might have at Ask MetaFilter.