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20 DIY Storage Ideas for Your House

Get your house into shape with these easy DIY storage ideas. For those who have a lot of stuff, it’s important to keep it organized to prevent a major mess or hoarding situation from happening. Keep DIY storage streamlined so you can .

General DIY Storage Ideas

We all need storage ideas that can fit into any nook or cranny of our house or garage. Here’s a look at storage ideas that can work throughout your home.

    1. Put up a faux shutter. A shutter (or pair of shutters) can be put up anywhere in your home or garage. Paint them a bright color to add a little drama to the room and use them to store cards, mail or any papers you need quick access to.

    2. Make use of vertical space. Remember that vertical space is a great way to get things off the floor without cluttering the area. Vertical lack shelves can be installed in any wall space that has enough room for 3-4 shelves, but feel free to go beyond that. Books and small boxes with items in them can be stored on these vertical shelves.

    3. Go with canisters. You can decorate canisters with contact paper or construction paper. In these canisters you can store markers, art supplies, pens and anything else you want to grab quickly. Canisters are also a great storage option for makeup brushes.

    4. Display items in jars. Seasonal items that aren’t being used can be put in clear jars and stored on a shelf. The best part of DIY jars is there’s almost nothing to do but your items inside of them. If you’re using them in an art space or hobby area, you can decorate the outside of the jar with paint.

    5. Make a table over the washer and dryer. If you have a front loading washer and dryer, you can take a large piece of wood and create a faux table. Sand and stain the wood if you’d like and then use it as a space to store detergent, dryer sheets and baskets so they aren’t taking up space elsewhere in the laundry area.

    6. Install a second rod in your closet. Double the space in any closet by installing a second rod. This can be done with a kit purchased at a local hardware store and doesn’t take much skill. There’s no reason to have one rod in a closet if you have the vertical space to install another one. You can put all of your shirts and jackets on the top rod and keep the bottom reserved for pants.

    7. Get shelves organized with boxes. If you have a closet that’s packed with shelves, keep them organized by using boxes. If you’re storing underwear or socks, this is the ideal way to make use of shelf space without putting everyone on display when guests are in the room. Use colorful boxes from the dollar store and add tags to let you know what’s inside. For things you’ll reach for regularly, an open top works best.

    8. Add racks to your doors. Racks can be added to the back of doors, whether it’s the door to a room or a closet door. This gives you even more space. The pocket racks meant for shoes don’t have to be used for shoes, Use them to store jewelry, books or anything else you don’t have a spot for.

    9. Turn a ladder into a bookshelf. This one takes some elbow grease, but it’s well worth it if you like an industrial look. The older the ladder looks, the better since it’s meant to add a rustic feel to any living space or office. This works best in a room with high ceilings since the ladder might be overwhelming in a smaller space. Adhere the ladder to the wall with a drill and place your books on the arms bottom leg of the latter versus the steps.

    10. Find an old trunk. You can pick up an old trunk at a thrift store, garage sale or online auction. Clean the trunk out and polish it up if it’s made of leather. Inside you can store toys in the living room or excess items like photo albums, books and DVDs that you don’t have space for or rather keep out of sight.

Bathroom DIY Storage Ideas

No matter what the size of your bathroom is, most of us want to maximize the space. Here are tips on how to work with the space you have.

    11. Store bins under tables. What’s happening under a table? Probably nothing. Make use of that space by storing bins under the table. This is especially useful for items that kids need to access such as books and toys. It also works in bathrooms for extra towels or rolls of toilet paper.

    12. Find a new use for a wine rack. In the bathroom, you always need more space for towels. Get a sleek wine rack and install it on the wall. Instead of putting wine on it, roll up towels and store them on the rack.

    13. Add a shelf in the shower. Not all bath tubs have space to store things on the ledge and putting a shelf under the shower head can make it uncomfortable to take a shower. Instead add a shelf to the wall opposite the shower head. A glass shelf fits the style of almost any bathroom. On this shelf, you can place soap in a dish, wash cloths and any shampoos or conditioners

    14. Use vintage bowls and dishes. To condense items like makeup or toothbrushes, use vintage bowls or cups. You can find these at second hand shops or thrift stores. Look for colors that coordinate with your bathroom, but remember that adding vintage or vintage-like items don’t have to match exactly. It’s all about the quirk factor.

    15. Use a lazy Susan. When storing bottles in a cabinet or under the sink, use a lazy Susan to put the bottles on. That means you’ll never have to dig for a bottle at the back of the shelf or forget about products you want to use from time to time.

Kid’s Room DIY Storage Ideas

Almost every kid’s room needs some help in the storage department. These DIY storage ideas will suit every kid’s room and may even elevate the decor.

    16. Stackable crates. For young kids, you want to find stackable crates that lock together. For older kids (7 and up), you can create makeshift stackable crates since children this age are more careful and aren’t likely to knock the crates down. You can use old milk crates and paint them to coordinate with the kid’s room.

    17. Add hooks to the wall. Kids can hang their backpacks, jackets or anything else from hooks added to the hall. They’re easy to install and should sit about 3-4 feet from the floor, making them accessible for kids.

    18. Ledge shelves for kids books. A local hardware store can cut ledge shelves. You’ll have to sand, prime and paint them yourself before putting them on the walls. The ideal measurement for a ledge shelf is about four feet in length. This makes it long enough to make a statement, but doesn’t let it overpower a wall. Books can then be placed on the shelf for display.

    19. Use the space under the bed. For kids who are already in a big kid’s bed, use the space underneath. Use flat storage boxes to store items and mark what’s inside on a label placed on a spot visible when looking underneath the bed. This is a great way to store seasonal items like beach towels, swimsuits, winter coats and boots.

    20. Use an open wardrobe for storage. The small open wardrobes available at Ikea or other furniture stores don’t have to be used for clothes. Because they have open shelves, use them to display toys and hold canisters or jars with art supplies, excess books and stuffed animals.

These simple DIY storage ideas will make it easier to manage your space. Remember to teach family members to put items back where they go since that’s the purpose of storage that makes your space function more efficiently.